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The Best in Boise Video Production.

Dylan Hamar

Director of Video Production

Dylan Hamar is one of Idaho's premier filmmakers, specializing in corporate content, event videography, and original films. With expertise in shooting, editing, and audio engineering, his multi-faceted skills shine through in all his projects.

Erika Nolasco

Videographer / Editor

Being a veteran videographer and editor, Erika Nolasco brings a splash to every project. With end-to-end expertise in planning, shooting, and crafting edits, she ensures clients receive exceptional experiences and results.

Mario Nolasco

Videographer / Editor

Mario Nolasco is an experienced videographer and video editor who prides himself on his ability to listen to clients and translate their visions into compelling, moving images. Mario will take the time to craft something worthy of your imagination.

Brand & Culture.

Capture your brand’s essence with visually stunning videos. Our team at Sunny Skies Media crafts impactful marketing content that showcase your company culture and deliver a meaningful message. From promotional materials to philanthropic efforts, we’ve got you covered.

Corporate & Events.

Our skilled team’s meticulous attention to detail creates impactful cinematic experiences, showcasing your project’s essence and energy. With visually stunning and emotionally engaging content, you’re sure to leave a lasting impression.

Boise's Comprehensive Media Services.

As a fully-equipped media production company, we offer more than just video services.

Professional Script Writing

Unlock the power of storytelling with our Script Writing services. Contact us today to discuss your project and let us help you create scripts that resonate, inspire, and drive results.

Pre-Production Planning

Our meticulous pre-production sets the foundation for a smooth process. With careful planning, we minimize challenges and ensure every detail is in place before filming begins.

Professional Voice Overs

Bring scripts to life with professional voice-over services. Our talented voice actors infuse personality, emotion, and professionalism into your project, delivering captivating and engaging audio.

Post-Production Services

Unleash your project's potential with our Post-Production Services. Our expert team of Boise-based editors and VFX artists will transform your footage into breathtaking art, leaving viewers amazed.

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