Frequently Asked Questions.



Q: How long will it take to get my photos?

A: We guarantee a 48 hour turn-around on all photos, and pride ourselves in the fact that we almost always get them delivered by the next business day.


Q: How far in advanced do I need to book?

A: If you can book at least two days ahead of time for photos, and at least one week for video, we can usually always get you the day and time that you need.


Q: Can I book over the phone?

A: Yes, however it is very easy to create an account and book through SunnySkies.Media


Q: When I book a shoot, how do I know what time my photographer will come?

A: When scheduling, you are asked to select two available days for shooting. After you submit your order, your selected photographer is notified. The photographer will then reach out to you to specify an exact date and time to shoot. Our photographers are usually out shooting throughout the day, but they try to respond to clients as soon as possible.


Q: When does a travel charge apply?

A: Anything that is farther than a 35 minute drive out of Downtown Boise will likely warrant a travel charge. We do not charge for Caldwell, Nampa, or Star.


Q: How do I know which photographer is the best choice?

A: All of our photographers are extremely talented and trained by our owners. Photos are edited by our in house team, overseen by our owners, and delivered through our marketing and admin, meaning many people handle your photos before they get to you. This ensures quality and attention to detail. When you hire us, you are hiring a team.


Q: What if the photographer I choose isn’t available at the time I need?

A: This is our favorite part about having a team to rely on; we can almost always make it happen. While one photographer can’t possibly be in two places at once, we have someone just as good that can cover for them.


Q: Why do I have to choose two photographers for combination shoots? Why can’t one photographer shoot aerials and interior in the same appointment?

A: Skillset, equipment, and lighting. You wouldn’t ask the person who changes your oil to detail your interior. While we do have a few “Jack of all trade” photographers, it takes different cameras, lighting, and skillset to do different kinds of shoots, and they are all priced accordingly.


Q: Why are sunset shoots more expensive?

A: Opportunity costs. Each photographer only has room for one single sunset shoot per day, so when you are booking that time they cannot take any other appointments. They also fill up fast, so if you are looking for a sunset shoot it is best to book early!