Translating Photography To Video

In the last year, I have merged my business and partnered up with Rusty Hill.  Together we formed Sunny Skies Media. Based in Boise Idaho we provide Video Production.  Over the last few years I’ve been collaborating on video projects, when time or the opportunity arises!   While most of my careers focus has been still photography,  there have been opportunities to take on professional video projects, which has been amazing. A lot of the technical theory from photography translates seamlessly to video. The most exciting part has been learning something new. Check out these still photos from our Mike T shoot!

Telling A Story

I’ve always loved the process of story telling with a single still or a series of stills. There’s ambiguity that leaves room for interpretation on the part of the viewer. For Example, The subject, composition, coloring, contrast , and the setting.   They all play the part in the story.

With video, those parts exist, however there are elements I quickly learned take some experimenting to get used to! Once you’ve had the chance to get some of the basics down,  you can go just about anywhere with it.

Working With a Team

Sunny Skies Media’s main office has a shared studio space with The Wormhole. Similarly, It is also video production studio in addition to audio.   Needless to say we have an incredible team and resources to help these projects come together.    We’ve explored how our different skillsets can make the photo to video transition, in addition to audio to video translation with ease. It’s an interesting combination that has fast tracked us to doing professional video projects.  If you’re reading this, you’re likely already aware of my obsession with light and color and using it creatively.

Our DOP Mario Nolasco who is not only a driven ambitious visionary when it comes to sorting out the technicalities of how to get the shot through the gear we already have but he is a seasoned pro on the software we use to edit our videos.  He also has a background in music video production that sets very high standards, not only for himself, but for those he works with. Cary Judd (Founder of The Wormhole) on the other hand, brings his experience as a writer and story teller. His experience as a songwriter and producer gives him the inherent aptitude to highlight the details on the timeline to bring the story to life and evoke an emotional response.

When you mix the combined skill-sets with our insatiable creative curiosity, it starts to come together really fast.

Importance of Quality Audio

Another thing that myself and the boys learned quickly, was how important the audio behind the video is. For Example, I’ve seen some really beautiful video clips accompanied with harsh, reflective, tinny audio from the camera mic, or a handheld recorder, distract terribly  from what would otherwise be a great video, for that reason!  Having an audio guy who understand what acoustic reflection is, as well as how to capture and treat high quality audio (noise removal, mixing, mastering etc), and how to compose and score, is priceless. To sum it up, I can’t emphasize enough how much, and how often, video is compromised do to poor audio quality. Imagine seeing your favorite movie with no music, tying scenes together while the actors voices sound like they’re in a concrete jail cell. It’s not pretty!

While I’m new to the video world, having solid understanding of basic components has ignited my imagination for what’s possible.

The next step. A new chapter. We’re ready to help you tell your story, are you?

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